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Ronny Weinreich is a talented musician and entrepreneur with a life story significantly unlike that of others around his age group. Born in Israel and raised in the USA until the age of 15, Ronny found himself returning to the holy land of milk and honey, graduating high-school and soon becoming a Tank Commander in the IDF. His high-paced military service brought him to experience the hardships of commanding men in the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria, as well as leading his soldiers into combat during the Second Lebanon War where he was severely injured at the young age of 20. The dramatic physical and emotional changes that he endured after suffering a spinal cord injury, put his life at a harsh crossroads; to rise or to fall.



Everything that had come naturally in life now suddenly seemed different when learning to live again seated in a wheelchair. Ronny’s values and livelihood itself were questioned in his experience however the rest to come would be a story of triumph and resilience. Before his military service he had always dreamed of being a rock-star, looking up to his favorite band, KISS. The spirit and front-men of KISS  had always inspired him to dream big, to be responsible and that the power of music and Rock N Roll can overcome anything. After digesting the doubt and scepticism, and torn between his interests in business and music,it seemed that nothing would stop Ronny in his path to fulfil his dreams. Ronny took to music professionally, started studying business, established a recording studio, founded his band SIREN, and later even became a leading star on the Israeli version of American Idol where he performed live before over 2 million viewers weekly. He is a well known figure in Israel performing throughout the country and has recently moved to Los Angeles with his new band ESH to launch the American leg of his career and reach out to a greater audience.

While building his musical career, Ronny graduated from the IDC  College (Israel’s Ivy League College) obtaining his B.A. in Business and has also graduated from the world renowned ZELL Entrepreneurship Program. Today, parallel to his musical undertakings, he teaches leadership skills in the IDF to tank commander cadets, travels rigorously performing and speaking at an array of different venues, and has even met his childhood heroes… KISS.


Facing Forward

Ronny tells his breathtaking story from the depth of the battlefield, to the downfall to depression, and the race towards the dream in an unforgettable presentation which never fails to captivate audiences of every walk and age. His stories told in an ever enchanting way throw the audience into a reality that exists right around the corner. During the presentation Ronny reveals the inside information about the IDF recruitment process, bootcamp, tanks, dealing with the Palestinian population, the feelings and experiences of war, losing friends, suffering severe injuries, and then learning to live again from scratch. His memoires interleaved with his music create a unique emotional connection which audiences can never forget, whether it be in large scale events of thousands, military bases, schools, churches, synagogues and more.

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It’s a great honor to be on this stage after listening to Ronny speak and hearing him sing…

Barbra Streisand - 2012
Backstage @ Blossom Amphitheater, Cleveland, Ohio 2012
Ronny with KISS at Blossom Amphitheater @ Cleveland, Ohio 2012
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