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Hello World! – Another New Beginning

June 27, 2012 19002 comments

This first post will be the cornerstone of my Official new Personal website where you will be able to get the very very latest on everything that is going on in my life and all those things that I’m involved with. I can honestly say that there are so many thoughts that run through my head every single day that I would love to share with you; surely in the same way I am sure as you would like to share your experiences with others. My close friends would probably tell you that I am a “unique” kind of person (unique is a nice way to say weirdo, freak, wtf), and since I am aware of the fact that even when I think 5 times before I have something to say… I ain’t the most politically correct kind of guy – so I apologize if anyone reads or sees something that they don’t really like. To tell you the truth, I just say it like I mean it. Sometimes life just has to be looked at as it is, and sometimes we don’t like it. But that’s life isn’t it?

I’m happy that we are going along on this new and exciting path to share information together and am even happier that maybe I will have a platform to engage my friends in a more serious way other than Facebook – (However if any lovely ladies would like to share their half naked, in bikinis and baby oil pictures… I will not be upset) Here is to another new and fresh beginning! We are Facing Forward! We are in the process of Creation and of Production! We are omitting ourselves from being part of the problem, and making ourselves part of the Solution! We are the very essence of what our society, our country, and our world are all about! And we will ask not what the world can do for us, but rather what We can do for Eachother!

God Bless You :) and LETS START ROCKIN!